Tuesday, 2 February 2010

intention of this blog

Hi Folks,

since blogging is mandatory today, here is my take in this phenomenon. As usual, I've had this plan for a long time now, but (as you can see) finally it's happening. Again as usual, I start this project by saying that I'm about to start it, and tell you (my possibly/maybe reader) who I am, what the purpose of this blog is or whatever else fits into ones first posting.

Now let's begin:

Q: Who am I?
A: I don't really know. First of all human (with all the flaws attached). I'm also a guy from Berlin born back then, when there was a wall surrounding it. If you don't mind I skip the funny yet uninteresting character introducing part and go right away to the cool 21st century part. So now that you know (or would have known, if you wouldn't have pushed the skip button) how I got interested in the inner workings of nature, and thought that my purpose in life is to change society for the better, you know why I began to study physics, like the mathematics more, love music, hate all known user interfaces, like few people more than much and became a heretic of all which is.
Q: Why this blog?
A: As I said before: It's mandatory and I want to use it as an Study log for my endeavour into the geometric aspects of our world. Why a Study log? Isn't it obvious? To get this organized and to discuss my ideas with you.
Q: Why in English?
A: Oh, you noticed. Yes, as I said, I'm descendant of Berlin and thus no native speaker, but, you know, the audience is much bigger, most of the references are English and I want to master it (So please tell me if I misspelled or used false grammar).

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  1. Good news everyone: Mr. Schönnemann is now among us bloggers. Welcome! :)